Sunday, 20 September 2009

Walking into the sunset

This is our end of the Ridgeway. At last we have our Indian Summer and the past few weeks I have been getting in as much daylight as possible. Completely exhausted fro sailing, cycling and walking, walking, walking in a last ditch attempt to flood my brain with seratonin and endorphins. It is definitely working but I am covered in bruises and too tired to blog. Just a little walk the other eve took me to Inchcombe Hole and the last daylight for miles around. I burst out of the woods and blinked at the 300 degrees of sky and the path stretched out along the line of hills ahead.
Having completed the Ridgeway we are now back to the Thames Path north of Oxford. Last Sunday we shared twenty minutes with a fabulous elderly lady well into her 70's, out walking her poodle in her cycle basket. We got a little peek into her life and she made it onto my list of top ten lifestyle icons. Not for me the pop queens and screen idols - make me an eccentric Englishwoman any day. Hopefully I am well on the way.
The past two weekends we have had perfect weather and I have got to grips with sailing a little Topper single handed with only one, successfully righted, capsize. So now I have some quite neat sailing gear and a good reason to be on my own, in a beautiful place, busily challenging myself and sleeping soundly apart from the odd non orgasmic groan as I settle my bruised limbs.