Saturday, 28 July 2012

The Ice Cream Boat!

Another week, another weekend. Fabulous weather and very satisfied that children can play outdoors as children should. One very warm day the boys found this slightly scary (for grandmas, who will be held accountable) spot on the River Colne and adventured for hours using the river as their pathway through dense undergrowth and scaring me half to death. All was well, just a little muddy! And today a family picnic near Marlow. The Ice Cream Boat came to call - v exciting, the man hands the ices ashore on a long pole to which you then clip your money and there is a pot for change. On the far shore a Jazz Band set up for the afternoon and we lazed around playing cricket, watching canoists and boats of every kind as we grazed. I didn't swim but the children stayed in for an impressively long while!

Monday, 23 July 2012

Still Wild

Had a wonderful birthday (his) down by the Thames yesterday, first at The Beetle and Wedge for a long, lazy and very indulgent lunch and later on to Henley where the urge overtook us, and quite a few others, so we took the plunge on the Regatta course which was luckily vacated at the time.First week o f the hols looking good!


After eight months of total crap I have turned a corner; the corner. A new beginning. Spent Saturday at Waterperry gardens in Oxfordshire at the Art in Action event. As usual the ceramics were my favourite - we bought several beautiful, tiny porcelain dishes, and just the smell of wet clay made me want to get my hands dirty again. There is a sack waiting in the back porch and two small boys who are also itching to get their fingers into it, and the summer holidays have arrived with blue skies and sunshine! Best in show though was Roanna Wells. I am not a great fan of textiles, there is too much homespun dross, but some things shine out like Roanna's conceptual pieces executed, we watched her, with painstaking concentration. They really have to be seen to be appreciated, quite wondrous.

Interpersonal Spatial Arrangements

Interpersonal Spatial Arrangements is an ongoing series of works looking at social situations that bring people together for a common cause.
By abstracting the individuals, focus is given to the spontaneous emerging patterns and self organisation of the crowds.
President Obama’s Inauguration, Washington 2009
Hand stitch on wool.