Monday, 2 January 2012

Happy New Year!

Long time, no blog. Lying up in bed with sciatica having watched every self help clip on youtube - do you try osteopath, physio, chiro? Keep mobile/ lie flat? Take the drugs or avoid the pain? Anyway v peed at not being able to walk/cycle/garden/ boogie - sit on a chair even to blog/cinema/eat!! All began with Ofsted and no time to walk/ swim, too many hours at computer/in meetings.
But this cheered me up! Forever England, Chariots of Fire and all that. 

Awoken by cockerel crowing and kites keening it was a beautiful sunny day and is lighter this evening than since before 12th December with clear blue skies and a soft rose sunset, still twilight at 5 o'clock. The weather stays incredibly mild with roses still blooming and these incredibly profuse little daisies thinking they are somewhere in the Med! Still wanting to know their name if anyone can help? So, mustn't grumble. Happy New Year!

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