Sunday, 6 January 2013

A River Runs Through It

Happy New Year! and time to catch up with this neglected blog. Many times I've thought to write but the words got no further than my imagination so there is a bit of catching up to do!
The Autumn was gently eventful with some beautiful days both early and late on. Pics here of the rope swing Ted rigged up on the moor for the boys - at the place he used to play at their age - so sweet!  Lingering nearby this past month has been a lone Egret, blown off course but fishing hapily in the Bulbourne. Also pics of the boys in the park, which has been flooded for months. We find it really exciting to wade slowly through the grassy pools with Scout dashing madly hither and thither.
Driving home from mid Wales in November we were diverted many times as the Severn and Wye were in full spate. Devastating for the local population but an awesome beauty in the roiling, red waters and the power of a landscape transformed by nature. In many places the alders, willows and hazels looked prettily at home in the watery meadows and the vistas, empty of vehicles and people were tranquil. A lttle scary to drive over a bridge as the river ran through it and a henhouse floated by - but the frisson of some essential life force impressed itself on my consciousness. The Wild!

The start of December brought a flurry of snow and a hoar frost that lasted almost a week. Our eight year old Pekin cockerel having pegged out I was worried for our one remaining also aged hen. She moulted dramatically on his demise and looked dreadful. The plumage has now regrown a distinctive, mottled grey and we managed to find a little black hen to keep her company - and warm! This little one is very chatty, runs up to me every time I step out of the door and sits on the porch   tapping on the glass for attention. The not very good picture is of the very old hen and a little robin that also lives in the garden and enjoys a fair share of the mealworms I treat my bantams to! I am hoping to pick up a couple more pekins next week - white wheatens so hope they all settle in together. Meanwhile it is marmalade time again - I had to look out my old recipe here and you can too! Happy New Year!


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