Thursday, 15 March 2012

Venus and Jupiter

Venus and Jupiter in conjunction
I've been fascinated by events in the night sky these last few nights and after some intense questioning from my grandsons decided a google was in order. On the Guardian website there is lots of info and a starwatching guide as well as lots of readers pics of this beautiful heavenly dance. This photo is byTafreshi/Getty Images, as the mist has drawn down again tonight though today was like summer. Clear blue skies and my first sightings of butterflies: a small tortoiseshell and a Brimstone. We usually see the latter first and a neighbour spotted one last week but despite spending all of Sunday in the garden I had been disappointed so far. Ladybirds seem to have benefited from our - all but for a fortnight - Mediterranean winter and the garden is beautiful with narcissus and helibores. Daylight until six thirty and British Summertime begins in less than two weeks!

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