Saturday, 13 February 2016

Been a Long While....

Although I haven't posted for 3 whole years I do quite often pop back for a look at my scrapbook of previous posts and memories - how to make marmalade, pictures of picnics and walks and early morning mists - and I've missed having somewhere to muse and moan and pin photos to look back at. Actually I'm amazed it's all still here and I read other blogs and feel like I'm not quite doing my bit, so here I am. Back on the page.

I've had a completely rotten time with dentistry lately but that is such a small thing because you know, I'm here and so is the world and I am still in it and out in it so no more complaining. I am in love with birches this past year or two and as I was walking I stretched back and breathed deeply and when I looked up it was sooo beautiful. Aren't mobile phones great for that?
So the day is ending and tomorrow, I know, will be good.

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