Friday, 19 February 2016

Half term days out

This week was half term and Spring seems to be here, though she is a fickle thing and not to be trusted. My little speckled hen believes it however and started to lay again right on cue, the week after Valentine's Day. The blackbirds are courting too and everything is in bloom together - daffodils and narcissus have caught up with the hellebores and snowdrops, and surely impossibly early I have primroses, cowslips and auriculas all flowering. The mornings have been heavily frosted and several days we've

had sunny blue skies and I've had itchy feet. Perfect for Waddesden, reservoirs and the zoo with gorgeous grandchildren and dogs let off the leash to chase the fresh scents. More please! Easter is coming early this year and instead of giving up for Lent the past few years I've subscribed to '40 Acts' where a daily email alerts me to give instead of give up. It might be making time to listen, getting in touch, giving a random gift or helping someone when you might otherwise walk on. I am the world's worst receiver of gifts but I do get a lot out of giving. I have been reminded that time and presence is harder to give than presents but I am working on it - so now is the time to ask for those favours even though, hopefully, it won't all end at Easter!

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