Friday, 19 June 2009


Soooo, I went on a surf and this is what I found: the Alexander Henry website, cutting edge of fabric design in beautiful, downtown Burbank, California. Turns out that that fab fabric really is called Tattoo and here is a bigger pic in a choice of colourways. Strangely it is in the 'fashion for home' section along with some very tasteful skull motif curtain fabric. I also love 'Inky Wings' in B&W, I am trying it out as a header. OOops, that didn't work. I still can't do the techy bits for headers, I need advice! Not sure yet how or where else I want them but, I definitely do want them!

How Cutie Is This?

Ok, my shallowness knows no bounds, but how cute is this? The header is linked to the Get Cutie website and my favourite frock. I wanted to show a swatch of another totally fab fabric too, but the pixels were too big. Suffice to say it is called 'Hello Sailor' and is covered in mermaids, sharks and tattoo type hearts and daggers....I want it now! Pleeease check it out.
Back to the frock....would it offend, isn't it gorgeous? Must be my catholic upbringing but I just adore icons, but would I dare wear one?
I have spent at least ten years of my life wearing black and it took a serious effort to get out of the habit. I shop with great dedication as I just can't wear stuff I am not comfortable in. But this, this is totally me........

Thursday, 11 June 2009

I picked these on a beautiful piece of common where I walk most days, all within a yard or so. I found the grasses hard to identify, but in looking found a nice little website. I think we have: red sorrel, white clover,?, strawberry clover, cocksfoot grass, vetch, ?, sweet vernal grass, ribwort plantain,?, ?, buttercup, rye grass and common bent grass. Hmmm, too many gaps.....

I love meadows and picking these reminded me to look out a poem I wrote ages ago.

One blade of grass.

From off the shelf

i drew a book

and from its pages

there was shook

one blade of grass.

The memories it holds,

left there between the folds.

I thought it had been sent

that early summer

when love was green.

Now faded,

I've not seen you since,

and love evaded us

once summer came.

One blade of grass,

all that remains;

One blade of grass.

Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Gran Torino

First click on the header for trailer and amazing title song by Jamie Cullen. Then enlarge poster and look at that for a while - not bad for a guy of 79. As far as I am concerned his best film full stop. He directs, produces, stars and worked on the score with son Kyle. Eastwood's requiem; homage to his alter ego. The man is a genius. Nuff said.

Saturday, 6 June 2009

Friday, 5 June 2009


I kept just spotting these logos out of the corner of my eye and thanks to pioneer woman have finally caught up with them just in time for two new baby presents and a couple of birthdays. Hope they are suitable for newborns (start as you mean to go on....) and if my grandsons don't like them i will have them back! Can't decide which i like best but definitely want one on my pillow....this little guy on the left is a bit sad with no eyes but i guess that is why i like him. The bashed up monster is also tugging at my heartstrings and that keen expression on the little goofy kiddo is sooo cute ..... looks like I'll be going for the t shirt too!

Thursday, 4 June 2009


I love trifles and make them quite opportunistically with whatever comes to hand. The liqueurs are usually gifts or souvenirs that have lain in the cupboard for a while. I always make a Christmas trifle which is especially good for Boxing day breakfast but this is a nice summer one. I've made it twice recently - it is easy peasy and it's been a big hit!

I don't usually weigh stuff when I'm cooking, and in this recipe you can put in more of your favourite ingredients or adapt it to suit your store cupboard and your taste.

Slice some nice ripe strawbs into the bottom of a bowl - glass looks nice on the table. Cover with a layer of Amaretti biscotti - those crunchy little Italian biscuits that taste of almonds but are actually made with apricot kernels. Over the top pour a generous amount of Disarrono. This is a liqueur also made from apricot kernels; if you like almonds you will love this! Mix strawberry jelly - you can use any sort , low cal or veggie, and as much or little as you like. Pour over and put in the fridge to set - a few hours. When it is set cover with bought or made custard then a layer of thick double cream. Toast a handful of almonds under the grill - watch out though, they only take a minute to toast, and sprinkle over the top. Finis! Parfait!

My variations include a heavier xmas mix using stoned black cherries, granary bread and kirsch with cherry jelly and a lighter raspberry one using finger sponges, Chambord raspberry liqueur and of course raspberry jelly. My other favourite topping is real Angelica which I can never find these days, so I am growing some in the garden and looking for a recipe!